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Your niche is important! Stick to it!

Stranger things is a show that personally did a lot for me. This is a great surprise because this video is pushing even more buttons that what the TV show did. First of all, as I was talking with Nathan about the blog, I was excited because of the va...
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How can musicians really exploit social media?

We all know it and we all say it: Social Media is an addiction! But how many of us really simply shut it off? The honest truth is that we musicians have to use it for business purposes but keeping some important issues at bay. Social Media is a ...
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How to pin and boost your musical presence

A brief description: Pinterest is a tool that people generally use to store ideas and remember simple visuals because it helps them achieve goals. The niche of Pinterest is fascinating because women absolutely love this platform. It's worth unde...
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Why should I have a professional website?

Your web presence as a musician is important but it should complement the objectives you have for your career. A fundamental truth is that technologies can only evolve into the most extreme absolutes and we must take profit of having a site that open...
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Join the Guild and help us building the Web Empire!

We are very happy to announce that we have inaugurated officially the Website Development product for applicants in the Guild! After more than 4 years of hard work with Joomla Systems we are now launching our most powerfull service for...
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